Grand Lake is located in northeast Oklahoma in the highly desirable area known as “Green Country”.  It’s known for stunning landscapes, moderate climate, beautiful yachts, and gorgeous million $ homes.  With approximately 1,300 miles of shoreline, Grand Lake is one of only two lakes in Oklahoma where residents can own true lakefront property.  A vibrant body of blue water with many coves, Grand Lake is clean and uncrowded.  Grand lake is very social with numerous bars and restaurants that can be accessed by boat or land.  There are gentle slopes and beautiful cliffs.  There is deep water for boating and shallow water for wading and swimming.  People love to tie up their boat with friends, eat dinner on the water and sometimes even spend the night.  Living at Grand Lake is like living in the country.  There is plenty of wildlife to be enjoyed, deer, seagulls, pelicans, foxes, raccoons, beavers, and even a few eagles to ensure that your stress has been left behind. 
        The State of Oklahoma ranks third in the nation in terms of taxes, healthcare and housing costs and the four counties encompassing Grand Lake are often referred to as “Oklahoma’s best kept secret.”  As a result, real estate is one of the area’s major attractions.  With lake front property in such high demand, real estate on or near Grand Lake is a great investment.  The amenities of the towns surrounding Grand Lake also positively affect real estate values.  As of the 2000 census, the Duck Creek area of Grand Lake was second only to the Nichols Hills area of Oklahoma City in terms of the value of homes.  And yet the property values in Oklahoma and the Grand Lake area are a lot less than say California or Florida.
        It is for reasons like these that national media including the Wall Street Journal, Where to Retire and Rand McNally have rated Grand Lake as one of the nation’s top retirement areas.  However, with a median resident age of 49.9, this is definitely not a senior citizen community.  The bottom line is that Grand Lake is a fun place to live and visit.  And it can also be a great investment.  You’ll find friendly people with a great attitude just waiting to show off.  Grand Lake has a great vacation atmosphere where you can spend the day on the lake or golf course or simply ordering drinks pool side at a nearby yacht club.  You can then enjoy a beautiful sunset view of the lake while dining at a nearby yacht club and then dance the night away to a live band at any number of nearby establishments.