About Us
         Heitgrass Construction Company (HCC) was founded as a sub-S corporation on August 16, 2007.  Gary D.  Heitgrass is the owner and President.  HCC specializes in building custom quality homes in the Grand Lake area of Northeastern Oklahoma.  Mr. Heitgrass and his wife Vicki have been involved in residential real estate since 1996 completing over 30 home renovation projects in midtown Tulsa, Oklahoma and through their ownership and operation of 37 apartments in Tulsa through their company Grey Fox Properties, LLC.
         Gary Heitgrass is 53 years old.  He went to Jenks High School and Oklahoma State University, graduating in May 1978 with a BS in Accounting.  Gary is a registered CPA in Oklahoma and worked in various accounting positions for 20 years before moving full time into real estate.  Gary personally supervises all construction activities to ensure quality work is done in a timely manner.

Our Philosophy
        Heitgrass Construction Company is committed to building only the finest quality, hand-crafted, custom homes on Grand Lake.  We are not your typical large volume builder, but more of a specialty “boutique” builder.  We take great pride in each of our projects and build each house as if we are building it for ourselves. We live in The Coves on Grand Lake full time, (yes, we are Grand Lakers!), therefore, we can personally oversee and supervise all phases of each construction project.  We are also always available for any questions or problems.  And we stand behind each of our products with a one year new home warranty.
         My wife and I love and appreciate all styles of homes.  We have custom colors created to make the inspiration pieces, i.e. granite, marble, exterior stone, etc., show up to their fullest advantage.  We spend months designing a home and go to great lengths to ensure the style is true and consistent throughout.   Our quality for the money is unsurpassed.  We offer things like solid hardwood floors, stained woodwork, solid core doors, artistic light fixtures carefully chosen from multiple sources, and 2 X 6 walls with extra insulation.  With our homes, the extra money you would be paying a construction supervisor is going towards better quality materials.  Our goal is to create a beautiful quality-built home that is tasteful, timeless, and a peaceful private retreat for you.   
        We would be happy to discuss your project with you.